5 Kinds Of Braces Application Taught In Orthodontist Education

Orthodontist education

Many people think that if someone is having one oral problem then other issues will not disturb them. But it is not the case; one complication ultimately leads to the other. Like if a person is suffering from crooked teeth or disposition of the jaw then it will definitely bring about complicated problems of the teeth, mouth and jaws.

Important Questions inquired about Brace

When an orthodontist starts practice; he/ she encounter various types of temperaments of the patients. These patients ask various types of questions related to braces. An expert orthodontist is the one who has the answers to these questions. The student who has learned thoroughly in Orthodontist education will be able to satisfy the patients with the answers.

Is there a right time for wearing braces?

It is a general view of people that the braces are only for patients that are 10 to 14 years old. This is a very good time for them to wear braces because their permanent teeth are still developing along with their mouth and head.  But nowadays adults are also preferring to wear braces; so there is no specific age for wearing braces.

What is the time duration of the braces?

If the dental problem is more complicated than usual then the treatment will take longer. Normally, the treatment will take 2 years to complete; if the spacing and bite are normally affected. But for patients whose problems are enhanced; have to wear them for more than two years and afterwards use retainers and aligners as well.

Is the treatment painful?

During the initial days of the application of the braces; the patient feels pain and discomfort because the wires or bands that connect the brackets are tightened. This slight pain only lasts a few days; until the braces are tight enough that adjusts the teeth into position. After that the patient feels no pain at all.

Which foods and bad habits to avoid?

The orthodontists are taught not only on how to treat the patients but also they have the skills to educate them on various ways to prevent further damage to the braces. He/ she educate on the different foods to avoid and also what habits to shun so that the treatment and braces can go smoothly.

How to take care of the braces at home?

Other than avoiding food; the patient must follow the instructions given by the orthodontist. This is a part of the learning that they acquire from various institutes and even through online courses like Gerety Orthodontic Seminar. The person with braces must clean their teeth comprehensively as food particles can be stuck in between the braces which can cause further damage.

Orthodontist education teaches 5 kinds of braces

In all courses whether taught at any dental school or online; educating about the different kinds of braces application is essential. This is the most common type of orthodontic treatment that patients get as the majority of them have it. During the course of orthodontic education; the students have to learn about the types of braces so that it becomes easy for them to choose the right one.

Traditional Metal braces

These metal braces are the oldest types that were used since 400 BC. The development of the idea of braces started in the 18th century but at that time braces were not invented. The typical metal braces were used in the 1900s. These braces are made of different metals that include two major parts’ one is the bracket and the other wire joining the brackets together.

Ceramic Braces

This is another type of braces that is somewhat similar to the metal ones. But the main difference is that the material used is ceramic which is semi-crystalline and can colored into the same color as the teeth. One great advantage of ceramic braces is that other people don’t notice whether the patient is wearing braces or not.

Lingual Braces

If you really want to have braces but at the same time wish for it to be invisible; then the Lingual Braces are the best choice for you. Although it costs more and sometimes affects the speech of the patient it is totally invisible when the mouth is closed. These braces are preferred by adults.

Self- Ligating Braces

This is a very advanced form of metal braces; as the wires that connect the brackets are clamped in the braces. This is important because when the patient cleans the teeth the wires can get loose from the place. But the Self- Ligating Braces make sure that the wires are in position. This also reduces the visits to the orthodontist.


Invisalign is becoming more and more popular as a mode of orthodontic treatment. There are no wires and brackets used in this as a totally different technique is applied to it. The size of teeth are taken several times to get the perfect look

Which type of Braces should orthodontist choose?

There are various factors that contribute to the choice of using the type of braces. Orthodontist education teaches various causes and types of complications that contribute to further problems. This results in choosing the right kind of braces.

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