Cost effective ways you can use for your brand’s marketing


The business world has come a long way and has evolved with time to adjust to the changes happening in the environment, in people’s tastes and preferences and most of all the change in the competition they face. Every year the number of business organizations increase and millions of new startups make their way into the market.

Where this might be a good thing for the consumers but at the same time it might be a little troublesome for the business organizations that have to face the music. Healthy competition is always good but cut throat competition is what we have now in the market. One mistake made by a business organization can lead to its down fall. And there are countless examples of this happening too. There are many giant enterprises that were once leading their industries but now there are nowhere to be seen and they all made simple, small mistakes that costed them their fortunes.

Reason for brands focusing on marketing

Now, we all know that there is a certain time for which a particular product can survive. A typical product goes through the stages of a product life cycle and then gets extinct, forgotten and nowhere to be seen. So, every brand or business organization is working to come up with strategies that will help them prolong their product’s life cycles as much as they can and for this, these brands take support of marketing.

But that is not the only thing that helps business organizations in their pursuit of success. Brands or businesses need marketing strategies to stay in the game now. Not only that, they need innovative strategies which will help them survive in today’s fierce market. They need strategies that are effective and high yielding yet low priced. One of the best marketing strategies or approaches that are being used very aggressively in today’s world is content marketing.

What is content marketing and how is it effective?

In this digital age where one can view the whole world through their monitor screens, smartphones or laptops business organizations have devised this brilliant strategy of grabbing their target audience’s attention by addressing their issues. Brands create content in different forms, it can be written or video content and use this content to provide information that is useful to their target audience in one way or the other. This content is of value to the target audience. Through this content, business organizations, very subtly, engage and persuade their target audience’s to take action.

Types of cost effective content marketing

Content marketing is one of the most famous approaches business organizations are turning to these days to increase their reach and their chances of audience engagement. But not all of these types can be classified as low cost ways of achieving the objective. As effective as they might be but some of these types cost more than others.

Below are some of the lowest priced and effective types of content marketing tools that business organizations have been using to achieve their goals over the years.

Wikipedia pages:

Wikipedia has been proved to one of the best passive marketing tools in today’s world. It can be used to engage massive volumes of people and if used the right way to create these pages, businesses can also save a lot of their costs. According to many experts, one can find various gifted and professional Wikipedia writers in India that can create flawless wiki pages which brands can use for their benefit.


While wiki pages are a formal way of engaging target audiences, blogging on the other hand is a more relaxed form of audience engagement. This is also written content, created in more of a personal style that can easily stimulate target audiences through its content. It also has a very wide reach and can be created in very low costs.

Social media posts:

Social media platforms are one of the most used tools that brands all over the world are using for engaging their customers and building strong networks. Brands use creative and attention capturing content and create posts that help them not only engage their audience but also to persuade them into taking action.

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