Take Cruise Ride To Dubai And Cherish Some Fun Moments Like Never Before

Cruise Ride To Dubai

If you are among those avid travelers who prefer visiting the Middle East over a cruise ride, it’s very likely you are going to stop by Dubai – a destination known for its amazing mix of modern and traditional offerings both in entertainment and culture. The city is famous for its sparkling sun and some amazing shopping opportunities among a plethora of sightseeing venues. The ongoing improvement of the infrastructure, with bigger structures being continuously erected, offers this city an incredible list of beautiful attractions and accommodation options for the visitors. 

Exploring The Traditional Side Of Dubai

Those on a cruise ride planning to explore the city’s traditional side will have a lot on offer to spend their time in Dubai cherishing its cultural attractions. There are some beautiful courtyard houses as well that twist the lanes of Bastakiya district. 

If you have some interest in the artifacts on offer in Dubai, you can explore the collections and exhibitions at the house of Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum, who was a ruler early in the 20th century. Furthermore, a charm to the traditional side of Dubai is its busy souks, which make an integral part of any cruise trip to Dubai. These are the famous traditional markets in Dubai where shoppers can haggle over the prices. Furthermore, there are no time constraints either as these souks usually remain opened late in the night. 

A Peek Into Dubai’s Wealth Explosion

If you want to see how the recent wealth explosion is taking over the city, you should be planning a trip to the huge malls and shopping plazas across the city. They are all full of so many different brands, boutiques, shops, restaurants, and cafes. They really are a heaven for those shopaholics. 

With Dubai’s ruling elite focusing more on building the biggest of everything, we have an awe-inspiring Burj Al Arab hotel which is the world’s first 7-star hotel around. The hotel is located just offshore and it resembles a massive boat sail. Besides, there are skyscrapers with the world’s tallest building like Burj Khalifa offering a beautiful view of the entire city from its observation decks. 

There are so many other attractions in the city for the holidaymakers with a variety of beautiful parks and gardens like WonderLand themed park that spans over 18-hectares of land area. Besides, there is the beautiful Ski Dubai resort, which offers an impeccable skiing experience even in the scorching heat of summer. The indoor ski resort provides a variety of slopes to challenge you according to your skill level. 

However, if you want something different and more local to enjoy the feel of the Arabian Desert, you can take safari tours ripping the sand dunes off in your 4×4 vehicle. You may even want to go on a boat tour through artificial and visually appealing Palm Islands. In addition, there are plenty of cruise trips on offer in the city which all give your trip a touch of exclusivity and make sure that you spend pleasurable time having a cruise dinner with your loved ones or exploring the city in an all-different manner. 

It’s a fact that Dubai’s attractions are never-ending. So, whenever you plan to head to this part of the world on a cruise, you can rest assured that it’s going to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for you. Just plan it perfectly and time it right, and you’re sure to enjoy something you’ve never experienced before!

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