Remember These Points about MBBS in Jiangsu University of China

jiangsu university
    1. Technological Advancements

    China has always been considered amongst the top countries in Asia and has reached that level because of the technological advancements the country has achieved based on its hardworking and educated manpower.

    1. Education of China

    The education of China has heavily relied upon its many top-level universities and amongst them is Jiangsu University which is majorly known for its medical studies.

    1. Healthy Environment for Studies

    There are many Indian students who are currently studying MBBS at Jiangsu University China. The university provides the students with a healthy environment for the studies and motivates them towards reaching their goals in their respective fields.

    1. Approved by MCI

    As Jiangsu University is approved by the Medical Council of India (MCI), the Indian students can take admission to the university without worrying about the value of their medical degree in India.

    1. MCI Screening Test is Compulsory

    The can easily practice their medical degree in India after completion of their medical course in the university after clearing the MCI (Medical Council of India) screening test.

    1. Best Infrastructure Facilities

    The quality of the teachers and the curriculum of the university match international standards and the university are known for some of the best infrastructure facilities in China.

    1. Profession and Responsibility

    The MBBS has always been a time consuming course because being a doctor is not just a profession but also a responsibility as the doctors have to deal with the lives of the patients more often than not.

    1. Course Duration at Jiangsu University

    So the curriculum is detailed and thorough in the MBBS course and in Jiangsu University as well the duration, of course, is for 6 years which is inclusive of 1 year internship for students.

    1. Economical Technologies

    China is a country behind many economical technologies which we are using in our day to day lives.

    1. Best Quality and Economical Education

    China has always focused on providing the best quality and economical education to its citizens and now because of globalization it has started providing the same to many students from various countries.

    1. Opportunity to Study MBBS in China

    The students who get an opportunity to study MBBS in China find this as one of the best places to study MBBS.

    1. The Medium of Teaching in English

    The universities of China have started initiating the English language as the medium of teaching MBBS to international students and have especially started training its teachers to do the same.

    1. University Faculties

    On top of that, the universities hire faculties from many different countries especially for teaching the students in English.  Along with the extremely affordable fee structure, the universities of the country offer many subsidies and schemes to many students.

    1. Transportation Facilities Easily Available

    In China, the students get the transportation facilities easily as there are many different modes of transportation facilities are available for traveling in the country.

    1. Direct Flights China to India

    Traveling between India and China is also very easy as direct flights are available between the countries.

    1. Subsidy and Scholarships

    The government of China supports the students who want to study MBBS in the country by providing them subsidy and scholarships depending upon their performance.

    1. Comfortable Living Facilities

    The living facilities are extremely comfortable in the universities of China as there are hostel facilities available for both male and female students and they are provided with separate hostels.

    1. 24/7 Security Available

    The security is taken very seriously in the universities and dedicated security staff is available in the universities to take care of the security.

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