Some Unknown Fact About Delhi To Agra Trip

golden triangle india tour package

Do you know that Delhi is the most visited Place in India. A tourist from out if India love to explore Delhi. So many Travel companies in India are providing Special Delhi Tour Package. Delhi has more than 25 varieties of tour packages for exploring the Delhi trip. The most booked tour Package is delhi to agra by car. Delhi and Agra are the most beautiful cities and have so many stunning historical monuments.


Delhi, known as the capital of India, is situated in north India, bounded by Haryana and Uttar Pradesh on three sides, across the river Yamuna. It is a Union Territory, called the nationalized Capital territory, but it is also moderately a state, having been given its own lawmaking assembly in 1991, and there are the nearly linked outpost towns of Faridabad and Guru Gram (Gurgaon) in Haryana and Ghaziabad and NOIDA in Uttar Pradesh.

Current Delhi embraces every destination that had been the capitals of North Indian kingdom for a thousand years from the numerous collectively known as the Delhi Sultanate (1206-1526), to the Mughal Empire in 1526 to 1857, to the British colonialists who announce it their capital in 1912. It was stated independent India’s capital in 1947. Several tourist sites and monuments are proof of this history.

Some of them are :

  • India’s largest mosque, the Jama Masjid
  • The Qutb Minar (12th-beginning in 13th century)
  • The Mughal citadel Red Fort (1648)
  • The British-built India Gate
  • Humayun’s Tomb both World Heritage Sites (1570)
  • The Indian Parliament and President’s House

In fact, the Archaeological study of India distinguishes some 175 Historical monuments in Delhi. Thus! Delhi often forms a visitor’s golden triangle india tour package, Which contain Delhi to Agra is 200 kilometers away and Jaipur is 250 kilometers away from Delhi, to which it is very well linked. Delhi is also a Shopping heart with the center located Sarojni Nagar Market, CP (Connaught Place) and many malls all over Delhi. Delhi is also famous for reasonable ethnic outfits from Chandni Chowk and street food of Chandni Chowk.


Agra is commonly known for its wonderful history and monuments that says the boundless love symbolized as the Taj Mahal, the 7th wonder of the earth This Beautiful architectural work of art has become indistinguishable with the individuality of the city Agra. A traveler who visits New Delhi, absolutely go to a trip to Agra on the same day when they were in Delhi, as it is within a driving distance about 200 kilometers from the capital. Both the cities have a lot of famous. The cities were in the rule of the powerful Mughal and the major river of Yamuna flows throughout the both cities. Agra, also called the city of Taj has a huge number of jewels and Charms covered up in its max out; just the search eyes one can spot them.

India is the place where there are tradition, individual customs, cultures, beautiful religions, and heritages are the key of Happiness. Regardless of the differentiation, India is connected in its decent diversity. Also, the idyllic case of this beautiful, incredible India can be well-known in Agra. There are numerous sites which are labored with very fine and the combine of Hindu and Islamic arts and traditions. The same day Agra tour by car will take you to the spots which are the idyllic combine of these two religions.

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