What happens after you apply for an ESTA?


For anyone willing to visit the US from a country that belongs to the VWP, an ESTA is a must. This allows you to board your carrier to the US. One thing to note here is that the ESTA doesn’t guarantee your entry to the country. The final decision is taken by the CBP agent at the point of entry. That said, filling up the ESTA Form (ESTA FORMULIER) is the very first thing that you need to do once you decide to go to the US. This can be done very easily at estavisumamerika. Doing so is very easy and you are guided by experts who monitor your application closely.

What to do after you Request ESTA VISA?

Once you submit the ESTA Form, the first question that arises is what you should do now. Well, there is nothing much you can do about your ESTA after you have applied. Your application will be reviewed and the result will be sent to the email you provide. ESTA is an automatic process; the application is reviewed very quickly, usually within minutes. The response to your ESTA application can be

  1. Travel authorized
  2. Travel not authorized
  3. Authorization pending

To avoid any confusion, you must understand what each of the statuses means. Travel authorized directly indicates that your ESTA application has been approved and you are eligible to visit the US on ESTA. If all the details in your ESTA form are correct and your answer to the security questions are all okay, you will receive the approval within minutes. This is the best thing that can happen.

If you receive the ‘Travel not authorized’ status, then you are not eligible to visit the US with an ESTA. If your Request ESTA VISA (AANVRAGEN ESTA) fails, you have to apply for a visa to visit the States. This means that you can still visit the US but you will need to follow a lengthy process. However, remember that the Cost VISA America that you paid will not be refunded.

The third potential response that you can receive is ‘Authorization pending’. This happens when the automatic system cannot decide whether the ESTA application should be approved or not. In such a situation, the ESTA Form is manually reviewed to decide the final status. In most cases, the ESTA application is approved after a review.

Mistakes in the ESTA form – what to do?

While applying, you must have all information ready with you to avoid any mistake. You can also double-check your data before submitting the form. If, however, you make a mistake, you must change it. If biometric or passport details are wrong, you will have to reapply for ESTA. This means that you will have to pay Cost VISA America (KOSTEN VISUM AMERIKA) again. However, for information such as email id, you needn’t reapply for ESTA. You can update/change the same from the Update or Check Status option. That is why you must enter each detail very carefully while applying for an ESTA.

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