Ways How Cardboard Boxes Change the Packaging World

white cardboard box

Cardboard is more amazing than you might think. It comes in various forms and plays a vital role in a decent and orderly life. It helps in keeping food fresh and the products safe. The cardboard boxes can be reused and recycled in exciting ways – and has also made life much easier. Here’s how.

Help in keeping the food items fresh:

About 60% of the cardboard produced annually is used for food packaging, in which juice, other drinks, sweets, dry food, and frozen food are generally stored. Grain, for example, was one of the first products to be stored in paper packaging. Sealing dry grain in a box extends life, makes it more attractive consumers, and makes storage and shipping easier. The corrugated cardboard packaging also provides greater safety for fresh food. In one study, the researchers contaminated corrugated cardboard boxes and plastic containers with bacteria and then packed these containers with sterilized peaches. After 2 days, 95 percent of the peaches in the plastic containers had absorbed the bacteria. The contamination never exceeded 25% in the cardboard packaging boxes.

You can use it for someone who needs shelter:

At least one nonprofit organization has built cardboard shelters. The structures are supposed to be a short-term solution until the beneficiaries can move to a more permanent place of residence, but in bad weather, they make a big difference. These shelters can also be used in emergency situations where disaster relief is required.
If you look at the fun side, if you have a lot of cardboard boxes in your home, make a house for your children; they for sure love it.

Protected the products well from the beginning:

While shipping or delivering someone something, the chances are always there thing get damage. For the safety of the product, the packaging is used. From the very beginning, people are using these boxes. They are used to pack food products, so they stay fresh until the buyer eats it. It is used to pack products, so they stay damage-free.

Allow a person to design it uniquely:

The way of thinking of every person is different. When you give cardboard to the children and ask them to make something from it, they will think about space ships and cartoon characters. But when you give this box to the adult, they will think completely opposite. The best part is that cardboard boxes can get any shape without any problem. So, if you want to present your brand in the market in a unique manner, you get independence, just need to find the right packaging company.

Zero waste of anything:

In many cases, cardboard can be reused for everything from cat houses and magazine racks to fun boxes and nest boxes – which is why it is so popular with companies shipping their goods. When you have finished using cardboard boxes, you can easily throw them away for recycling.

Perfect for enhancing the brand:

Almost everyone agrees that unpacking and tearing in a box is an exciting experience. Why? Since opening takes longer, gift boxes encourage a sense of intrigue and anticipation. This basic concept has also revolutionized the marketing and advertising industry. With the advent of cardboard, company logos, attractive graphics, and product information have been relatively easy to print on cardboard packaging. For many consumers, well-designed packaging not only protects products but also differentiates well-designed brands from their competitors.
Completely changed the shipping process of products.
Because the cardboard is light, robust, and economical to manufacture, shipping costs are significantly reduced, and consumers have better access to goods without leaving their homes or paying high shipping costs. Cardboard boxes are also easy to assemble, disassemble, and seal. Before the 1900s, heavy wooden crates were used to ship goods, reducing the number of goods that could be transported at the same time. For this reason, cardboard packaging has been a blessing for the industry.

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