Improving Results With Trade Marketing Mobile Application

Improving Results With Trade Marketing Mobile Application

When it comes to trade marketing, perhaps most of the work revolves around trying to gain control of an uncontrollable situation. In this business, each trading activity involves several negotiations, reruns, discussions with marketing agencies, retailers and vendors for trade. Therefore, it is always best to make use of tools that update constantly to give you the best convincing power in this negotiating business. As you may guess, there is a huge volume of information flow occurring daily which is simply part of a routine in this field. Sometimes this can become difficult to manage as a perfect record is always necessary here. Moreover, as important as it is to collect it, it is as difficult to find it as well. Trade promotion activity requires visiting and checking stores which might be spread across an entire country. This is where mobile application and its development comes.

Mobile application development, as per the experience of those who have integrated such an online model with their business, have shown that advantages truly come with it. A mobile application will help you, a trading specialist, to collect data in an abundance, and then even record it neatly. Now you can not only record data but also analyse it to set future goals or make predictions.

Increase Functionality With Mobile Application

To understand how mobile application can do wonders for this business it is better to first take a look at a typical workflow of a trade marketing specialist. They have to collect different kinds of data for inventory management which can include from taking pictures, taking notes and using a telephone. If you are one of those that say that all of this is achievable through a simple mobile phone, then yes, it is true. But, in a way, that is what the discussion is about here as well.

However, one must understand that while a basic use of a mobile phone can record all the data which this typical specialist would need, investing in mobile application development means that you are collecting in a single place. With phones, this recorded data is scattered among your numerous personal and work photos, notes are scattered in different apps and you might not remember the points of discussion in a phone call. However, a mobile application can solve all of this.

With a mobile application for your trade, now you can:

Store Pictures: of literally any product. All of these photos will collect in your application’s gallery from where you can view all of this.

Add Captions: by assigning tags or typing a note to a certain picture for further details. These tags, or captions, will remain attached to the picture every time you open the picture through a mobile application.

Keeping Records: of the notes that you make or the documents that you attach.

Mobility Of In-Office Data

Field data in trade marketing is not the only form of data essential to this kind of business. Data made while sitting behind a desk can also be used during fieldwork and that is where real problems come. Carrying files can be a handful, so why not try a mobile application that can fit everything inside your phone in an organized fashion?

Such mobile application will always work better than simply taking pictures of your files and keeping it in your phone’s gallery. By designing an interconnection of all the files with real-time database management, your data can be used just like Google Suites.

Increasing Effectiveness

When you are working as a specialist, it usually means that you have the right kind of data to work with and know what to do next. To avoid misinformation, people have constantly taken steps to strive for accuracy. This is why relevant information is so necessary, it allows trade marketers to take control of their work and negotiation. If information is so important in this business then how you collect it, sort it and view it is also vital. This is what mobile application and its development are all about. Data structuring in mobile application development plays a strong part in its process. Through this, you can check the latest plans and view agreement policies and terms. You can also take pictures if something looks suspicious and through real-time data management feature, those in an office can verify it for you.


Trade marketing is among those businesses that can accurately integrate into a mobile application to increase productivity. When it comes to mobile application development, the data management features that go in the development process are the key to how well your trade marketing application can work. Hence, whether you want to track record of products or want to negotiate with marketing agencies based on facts and figures, well-structured information is what you need and that is what applications will offer.

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