The Country from Where Pursue MBBS Course in Abroad

mbbs course in abroad
  1. Pursue the MBBS Course in Abroad

It is important for the students to note that no matter the country from where they pursue the MBBS course in abroad.

  1. Have to Appear for the FMGE Test

They would have to appear for the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) test conducted by the MCI (Medical Council of India) and has to clear the test for getting permission to practice their medical degree in India.

  1. Sync with the Syllabus of Indian Medical Universities

So, it is important for the students to ensure that they choose that country which is in sync with the syllabus of Indian medical universities.

  1. Clearing the FMGE Test without any Trouble

Ultimately helps them in clearing the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) test without any trouble.

  1. For Clear, the FMGE Test Studied Hard

It is honestly not an easy task to clear the FMGE (Foreign Medical Graduate Examination) test if the student has not studied hard and not focused on his studies.

  1. MBBS Program Similar to India

The Philippines has an MBBS program which is quite similar to that of India.

  1. Get Lots of Opportunities to Learn Similar Things

The students get lots of opportunities to learn similar things that they would have learned if they would have studied in India.

  1. Extremely Paid High Fee

The only difference is that the students would have paid an extremely high fee.

  1. Cost of the MBBS Program Is Low and Economical

If they would have studied in India whereas in the Philippines the cost of the MBBS program is low and economical.

  1. Get a Lot of Opportunities to Practice Their Degrees

The students get a lot of opportunities to practice their degrees in many countries after they complete their medical courses from a major university in the Philippines.

  1. Appreciated Worldwide and Have Received Various Rewards and Recognition

The medical universities of the Philippines have been appreciated worldwide and have received various rewards and recognition from various world-renowned organizations.

  1. Universities are Recognition from WHO and MCI

They also have recognition from the WHO (World Health Organization) and MCI (Medical Council of India).

  1. Factors for the Student’s Decision to Study MBBS

These points are influencing factors for the student’s decision to study MBBS in the Philippines.

  1. Choose Medical Courses in the Philippines

Students choose medical courses in the Philippines mainly because of the fees.

  1. Universities have a Low Fee Structure

The medical universities in the Philippines are amongst the low fee structure in the universities abroad.

  1. Good Quality of Education at Cheaper Cost

As humans, we have set perceptions in our mind that anything which is cheaper must not be of good quality.

  1. Cheaper Must Not Be of Good Quality Is Not in Case of Universities of Philippines

The cheaper must not be of good quality is not the case with the medical universities of the Philippines.

  1. Student Becomes Eligible to Practice their Medical Degree

A student becomes eligible to practice their medical degree in several countries of abroad.

  1. Completion of the Course from the Philippines

After completion of the course from the Philippines as the medical universities of the Philippines have global acceptance.

  1. Flight Time and the Flight Charges are Very Low

The flight time and the flight charges between India and the Philippines are very low which again allows the students to save money in traveling charges whenever they travel back to India during their course.

  1. The Mix of Many Different Cultures

The Philippines is a country that is a mix of many different cultures and because of that.

  1. Citizens are Very Friendly and Helpful

The citizens of the Philippines are very friendly and helpful.

  1. Student Explore New Places

So, if a student likes to explore new places, he or she can easily do that in the Philippines.

  1. Communication or Transportation

Without worrying about communication or transportation problems and talking to the citizens for any help if needed as a majority of the citizens speak and understand English.

  1. Limited Budget for Studying Medical Courses

Those students who have a limited budget for studying medical courses can easily consider studying in the country.

  1. Amount of Exposure Get if Study MBBS in Abroad

The amount of exposure that you get if study MBBS in abroad is much higher in comparison to studying in India.

  1. Accommodation Facilities of the Philippines

The accommodation facilities in the Philippines are convenient and economical.

  1. Get Easily Rent Apartments or Rooms

The students get easily to rent apartments or rooms near their universities.

  1. Groceries Easily Available at Economical Price

Even groceries are easily available at an economical price in the whole country.

After understanding these points you will also go to study MBBS in Georgia in the place of the Philippines.

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