Know Top 4 Biriyani Of India To decide Your Bakrid Menu

India is a diverse country. From the clothing to the culinary, every part of this great country stores different colors and flavors. If you talk about the cuisine of India, you will be pampered with choices like North Indian chole bhature to south Indian idli sambar, east Indian fish curry to west Indian dhokla. Though the choice for the tastebuds seems endless, biriyani has a separate fanbase. No occasion nowadays is complete with this yummy dish. And when we discuss Eid Al-Adha, no feast will be completed with sumptuous mutton biryani.

However, just like the country, biriyani also has a range of flavors and tastes in different parts of India. The Malabari biriyani is completely different from Kolkata Biriyani. Every taste is unique in its own way. No matter where you belong, you can always try some other than the normal in this year’s Bakrid feast. You just need to buy Premium Goat Online so that there will be no comparison in the taste and softness of the meat.

Here are the top 4 biriyanis across India that are most loved by the foodies.

1. Kolkata Biriyani:
In 1856, when the Awadhi Nawab Wajid Ali Shah was disposed of Lucknow, he took shelter in Kolkata. To return this gratitude, he gifted one of the most loved cuisines to the city – the biriyani. He has the royal khansamah with him but runs out of the fund to cook for a large number of people who came with him. To get a resolution, a new version of Awadhi biriyani came with potato and boiled egg along with meat. This is known for its lighter use of spices like cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, mace, saffron, kewra, rose water, and screwpine water.

2. Hydrabadi Biriyani:
This recipe came straight from the kitchen of Nizam. To cook the perfect Hydrabadi biriyani, you need to buy Premium Goat Online as chicken does not do the right justice with this magnificent dish. The meat needs to marinate for hours so that the strong aroma incorporate in the juicy texture. Usually, it cooks in a dough sealed handi and for the process, it is called the dum biriyani.

3. Awadhi Mutton Biriyani:
It is the most primitive yet rich biriyani of India. It is also called the yakhni biriyani for the three steps process. Preparing the yakhni is the first step where you have to make the mutton stock. Then in the next step, you have to prepare the rice in that yakhni along with other spices. Finally, you have to steam cook everything together to make the Awadhiu biriyani. This royal dish will make you the Bakrid feast exquisite for everyone.

4. Malabar Biriyani:
This recipe is derived in Kerala. It has the perfect combination of sweet and salty taste. Another exclusive feature of the biriyani is that fish is the main ingredient of it. If you don’t like fish, then you can also cook it with chicken wings and mild spices. Dry fruits are used to garnish the dish and it adds some crunchiness as well.

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