Only Good Guys Look For Jobs?

Only Good Guys Look For Jobs?

– Resume lies and half-truths –

According to
resumes that are distributed to large and small businesses
companies, only the good ones looking for work. This seems to be especially true in
the field of information technology. You will never see a resume
showing that a project was canceled or the developer was removed
of a project due to its inability to meet the needs of the company or one
client. Instead, the resume shows that only the best of it
The best look after work.

If they are
the best of the best, so why are you looking for a job? Why have they had so many
Different jobs? Why don’t these companies treat these IT professionals?
best? The fact is that most of the submitted resumes
they are full of lies and half-truths. Unfortunately, when a company verifies one
work history of potential employees or contractors is very limited in
questions they are allowed to ask and former employers are often reluctant
providing information, sticking to employment dates and starting and ending
salary details.

Work history and
performance is not the only lies and half-truths you find in one
resumes People also tend to lie about their education and
results, they know that although their education can easily be
Controlled, most employers will not take the time or use the resources to do so.
They also know that results are rarely verified so they can easily get
far from stretching the truth or telling a direct lie.

Referrals are also useless when it comes to finding out about someone. You do
I really think they would list someone who would say negative things about
the? Of course they won’t. They will only give you the names,
addresses and phone numbers of people who make them look good, and
so they will train these people on what to say and what not to say
Before you call

With all this
resume lies and half-truths, it is almost impossible to find it
professionals who can handle the job you are trying to do. Many
employers have even started contacting IT schools to recruit students and newer ones
candidates who are very inexperienced just to avoid the possibility
Hire someone who has lied on your resume. When hiring
A person who has lied often discovers too late that the person is not
have the necessary skills to manage your IT project. This costs employers
hundreds and even thousands of dollars lost, lost customers and wages
paid to these unskilled.

This problem
exists for businesses that are trying to implement long-lasting or permanent IT
positions as well as for small business owners who need to hire IT professionals
project after project. Until a few years ago, these employers needed it
risk and hope for the best. Today, however, there is a better one

In January
In 2001, a gentleman named Ian Ippolito had an idea. Ippolito is a programmer
with a computer science from
University of Central Florida. His idea came
on when I got more scheduled job requests than I could
possibly driving. In mid-2001, Ippolito had a way of meeting the needs
customers who were forced to decline due to time constraints. ‘Rent one
Coder ‘was born and in the following year were over 1400 software projects
ends each month. Today approx. 9000 projects
monthly, and this number continues to rise.

Hire a Coder is
described as an international marketplace where the people and businesses need it
developed custom software can be looking for programmers or coders without worry
about losing your money. Encoders are also equally protected, which means
They do not have to worry about quitting jobs and not getting paid
the. People from all over the world can do business together in one
secure, web-based environment. Good coders are not without work and good buyers
don’t miss the codes that are willing and able to get the job done.

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