Let,s Difference Vape Pens vs. Wax Pens

Vaporizers are now famous, but what type of vaporizer can you use with so many options? Dab Pen and oil vapors today are two of the most common types, as they are simple to use. There are 2-in 1 and 3-in 1 pens that use interchangeable atomizers to vaporize wax, oils, and even dry herbs. In this article, we shall discuss the primary difference between wax pens and vape pens. These vaporizers have been designed and configured for the vaporization of wax or e-liquids.

What is a Wax Pen? 

A dab pen for vaporizing wax is a small handheld smoking device. An atomizer puts the wax on the coil in a chamber and heats it into vapor. The wax concentrate is vaporized by this heat, collected, and inhaled by the smoker.

Dab pens are easy to customize, allow temperature control, and quite discreet. In principle, the use of a wax pen is a convenient way to smoke wax concentrate. It’s highly durable, and relatively straightforward to use because it’s so light and odorless.

Finally, they don’t have high price points, and you can easily find affordable components and upgrades online. This makes wax pens something you can keep for years and years and continue getting good value out of.

What is a Vape Pen?

Vape pens are specific vaporizers designed to take oil and distillates. The liquids are preloaded into single or refillable chambers and then heated from underneath with a coil, similar to dab pens.

Many people prefer vape pens rather than wax pens because they have refillable chambers, which makes them much more convenient. Vape pens require much less cleaning and are much easier to refuel.

Apart from that, they have the same advantages as dab designs. They are incredibly easy to use and clean, similar size, nearly the same price point. However, this could add up to extra costs over time. That is why some people are using wax pens. Wax pens make it possible to smoke more than one type of concentrate – while with a vape pen you can inhale only oils.

The Differences Between Wax Pens and Vape Pens 

 Oil vs. Wax

As already mentioned, Vape Pens only use oil and distillates. It is possible to smoke wax, crumble butter, or shatter with a wax pen. With the right wax pen, you can burn almost any concentrate.

Smoking Experience.

It is possible to see the difference in smoking when using a wax pen; it is relatively smooth and vapors faster. That happens because wax pens give more control over temperatures, allowing cooler strokes. Moreover, the pens are less harsh than the denser smoke from the oils.

Temperature Exposure 

Waxes and oils require different temperature levels to achieve the perfect vaping experience. Generally, waxes can withstand a higher degree of heat than oil, but they need more control over the temperature than vape. Wax is more of a solid than a liquid substance.

Ease of Cleaning

Vape pens get one-up since they have refillable or disposable cartridges. This reduces the amount of accumulation within your pen drastically if you do not spill.

However, wax pens are also not very messy unless you are smoking more oily concentrates. You have to worry about concentrates on getting inside the coils as this can cause clogs and breaks. It is relatively easy to clean your wax pen or vape pen if you know how to do it.


Overall, both pens should last for quite a long time if you purchase a high-quality product and treat it well with regular cleaning. None is inherently longer-lasting than the other, and it depends on the brand and how you manage it. In other words, some brands are above the rest.

 Size and Portability

Wax pens and vape pens are the same sizes, usually 4 to 5 “in height and around 0.25” in diameter. So you can smoke on the go and fit easily into your pocket. It is a concealable way to smoke if you combine that with the fact that they are more or less scent-free.

Our Final Take

Each smoking device has its benefits. Vape pens are easier to replenish and clean, so some people like this feature. They’re also a bit more robust.

On the other hand, wax pens are much more versatile with regard to the type of concentrate that you can use. We also believe that they are also significantly less dangerous. Finally, wax pens are also a bit smoother when it comes to smoking and usually give more temperature controls.


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