How to Apply Hair Oil After Showering

How to apply hair oil after showering has always been a mystery for me. I’ve tried using the usual shampoo and conditioner combination and haven’t seen many results as I’m still not achieving the perfect blow dry that I really want.

To make sure that you apply hair oil after a shampoo and conditioner are applied, make sure that you make use of a cloth that is not absorbent. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the area off and wait at least 15 minutes before going out in order to fully moisturize the skin and hair.

Sometimes it may be just your own choice to do this or maybe you’re just unlucky, so don’t expect miracles. However, even if it’s not your fault, it will still help. Here are some ways to ensure that you are properly following this way of cleaning your hair.

One way to apply hair oil after showering is by using warm water. In other words, if you have a full body shower and you are using a towel, there is no need to worry about the scalp as it is already wet and moisturized. Apply the oil and massage it in thoroughly.

However, if you want to give your scalp a thorough clean but still don’t want to strip the scalp with shampoo and conditioner, you can do this. Use a brush to gently wash the area and massage the oil onto the scalp. Allow the oil to stay on the scalp for a while before you rinse it off.

There is also a specific type of shampoo that is supposed to work the best on the scalp. These shampoos include coconut oil, which helps moisturize the scalp. The great thing about these shampoos is that they also work wonders for oily hair. There are two kinds of shampoos that contain coconut oil. The first one is composed of coconut oil but does not contain any fragrances. It’s great to use a non-fragranced shampoo as the fragrance of the shampoo would get mixed up in the oil.

The second type of shampoo is composed of coconut oil and fragrance. The scent is supposed to wash away the scalp and allow the hair to breathe. The coconut oil also allows the scalp to be exfoliated, which can improve the hair and ultimately the whole scalp.

How to apply hair oil after showering has really been simplified with the above tips. Make sure that you keep your scalp moisturized by using shampoo and conditioner and then massage the oil in thoroughly. But don’t forget to rub in the coconut oil as well.

Another great product that uses coconut oil for treating dry hair is Sogo-Aloe. They have a variety of shampoos and conditioners that contain ingredients including coconut oil and moisturizers that are compatible with dry hair while leaving the scalp feeling soft and not scaly.

So next time you’re looking for a way to follow some basic steps to provide your hair with needed moisture, how to apply hair oil after showering has just been simplified. So try Sogo-Aloe’s hair oils and save your hair from dryness and baldness.

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