Laser Spinning LED UFO High Bay

The LED UFO High Bay is the latest in LED UFO. By moving the emitters closer to the viewer, the new tube model creates an extremely clean-looking path.

Several years ago I built a series of LED UFO high Bay using my retrofitted Portal lamp head. A few weeks ago I decided to try something different with this space. I wanted to see if I could get the same LED path without breaking the bank.

For the best results, I wanted to use a wide aperture with a fairly long tube. I looked at a bunch of wide aperture lanterns and telescope lanterns for source lighting. Since I wanted to do a higher power solar system, I decided to go with a large, more flexible tube and a nice lens. Pico lenses are also pretty expensive so I could not afford to buy a larger piece lens. Here is what I came up with.

The lens can be mounted on a lightweight tube, a section of a spotlight tube, or even on the ceiling. I opted to mount it on the ceiling as that was a good distance away from the LED UFO High Bay. It also put a little bit of weight on the LED UFO high Bay so the ceiling was a perfect spot for mounting.

Here is a closeup of the LED UFO high Bay Path of the LED UFO High Bay. I like the idea of a tube close to the viewer to achieve that clean edge. I think I could achieve the same edge with a wider aperture but I am not sure if it would look the same. The UFO has two bulbs to allow the beam to be less bright. However, the bright bulb is still visible with all the branches and flowers around the area.

I painted the UFO blue high Bay Lights and I did not bother to prime it. Some people prime but I really didn’t want to spend the time. As you can see, there are quite a lot of color variation from yellow to pink, but not enough to bother with prime. I did paint the LEDs on the bulb holders. I think it will enhance the UFO if the LEDs are painted.

One thing I am really happy with is the beam from the UFO. I’m trying to use my right hand more and I have been trying to increase my left to right eye coherence by a little. I was still able to adjust the UFO by using my left eye and even see out the other side of the UFO, so the beam was still very usable.

My favorites LED UFO high bay Lights, in general, are the ones that are lantern-style. The UFO High Bay Lights looks like it will make a great compact version. It looks good with a round LED UFO high Bay in a traditional UFO style and with a tiny LED UFO High Bay in a more modern retro style.

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