Breathing Better After Air Duct Cleaning


“Breathing is the greatest pleasure in life.” (Glovani papini)

                 Airborne contaminants are linked to a variety of important issues that can be addressed during a professional duct cleaning. Dust that builds up in the vents, filters, and ducts can compromise the performance of your HVAC system.(Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.)This system is used to provide heating and cooling services to buildings. HVAC systems have become required industry standards for the construction of new buildings.

                 Airborne pollutants are likely to cause allergies and airway irritation. Completing duct cleaning can help you sleep easier and breathe better. Indoor air quality is a growing concern.

                 According to the National Air Dust cleaners Association, every homeowner should have their air ducts cleaned at least once every three to five years. Perhaps even more frequently if there are those who experience regular allergic reactions that live in the home. The biggest reason to have your ducts cleaned is that it greatly improves the indoor air quality.


                Ducts are often a favorite hiding place for bugs, mice, and other rodents. Ducts used for both heating and cooling constantly collect contaminants. These pollutants stick to surfaces and can comprise system performance over time. Duct cleaning removes construction debris, contaminants,dust, dust mites and allergens that trigger asthama and irritation and irritates the eyes, nose and throat.



Mold is one of the serious problems that can effect your HVAC system. Spores can infiltrate almost any surface. After the cause has been addressed, have an  duct cleaning service apply biocides that kill germs and fungi. Toxic mold releases irritating mycotoxins that are linked to asthma, skin rashes, sneezing, eye irritation and flu like symptoms. If your home is recently sustained water damage or if water has ever gotten into your ducts, chances are there mold growing inside your system, and you are breathing the spores.

              Dust can get into ductwork and so can other things like leaves, food crumbs, hair and more.

     Bugs and rodents are capable of infesting homes, but most people don’t realize that pets can enter ducts in attics and crawl spaces and cause serious contamination. Cockroaches for example are common asthma trigger. Experts can clean and treat ducts to remove droppings and biological contaminants that harbor dangerous airborne bacteria and viruses.

       If you are moving into an older home there is no way of knowing what’s inside the ducts or what’s coming out of the vents. The previous homeowners may have had pets, and you or a family member might have an allergy to dander. If you notice stale odors when you walk in the front door or when the system turns on, you should contact an air duct cleaning service. You can clean air vents and complete some minor maintenance on your own, but this won’t resolve all of the problems.

There is no research at present proving that routine duct cleaning up enhance the ventilation or lessen dust in your home. Duct cleaning alone doesn’t seems to be fruitful, there are cases where cleaning the HVAC unit and ductwork could be advantageous.

  Bonfire  in a home seems a very pleasant view . It may increase your home entertainment. But it one thing must be kept in mind that not sweeping your chimneys frequently can be harmful both to yourself and your family. Carbon monoxide is created every time when you start a fire. There are numerous health risks associated with carbon monoxide including nausea, migraine, confusion, giddiness, and fainting. If your chimney is blocked with dust and debris, this harmful gas has a chance to build up. Even it may be fatal. So make it sure that your chimney is cleaned before use. Sometimes chimney fires are not visible and burn slowly, and they can spread everywhere onto your roof into your walls and cause a massive fire. Your chimney becomes clogged by a tar- like substance called creosote over time.

As we know that dirty ventilation can cause breathing problems after long time exposure. But what about those who already have serious health issues like respiratory issue everyday of their life, as in the case of Asthmatics. Researches have shown that dirty indoor air can be harmful to one’s wellbeing than outside elements. For those who are suffering from Asthma attacks, running the air conditioner or heater can activate hacking, coughing and wheezing asthma.

Anyone experiencing Asthma attacks should be cautious to take steps in having their air ducts clean. The professional air duct cleaner could suggest you which parts of your duct need to be cleaned. The professional technician will make sure your carpets and furniture will not be soiled while cleaning the ducts. Mostly they use brushes and vacuum to remove debris. The technicians will inspect all the ducts and make sure that no residue remains. Asthma patients having the air duct system clean is not a luxury, but essential to their quality of life.To receive more information about this contact your HVAC technician who is specialized in this service. One should never compromise on health because a healthy living style is the best living style. Health is wealth.

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