6 Tips to buy your first car

6 Tips to buy your first car

The first car is the dream of every Person. I don’t know how it is in other families but in mine it is as if the first car was a sign of a successful professional life. I particularly bought my car until I was sure I wasn’t going to be in trouble.

It is common for people not to consider all the real expenses they will have with a car over time. Most of the time, the only expense that is considered is the value of the monthly installment and perhaps the fuel to spend during the first month. But beyond these, there are other disbursements that can compromise your financial future and harm your personal stability.

Thinking about how to help you in the search for your first new car, here are some tips or recommendations to buy your first car:

1. Why buy a new car?

We know that owning a car is among some people’s biggest consumer dreams. It’s like climbing about 20 levels in the game of life, but what is the real need to buy a car visit Farago Motors That must be the question that we must ask ourselves before requesting that vehicle credit .

2. Is it necessary or urgent? Or can I wait a little longer?

By answering these questions, you have already identified whether you should buy the new car or not. Remember that the answers must be sincere, from you to you.

6 Tips to buy your first car

3. Choose the limit value you can pay.
It is necessary to have focus. To go out there seeing all the options and any type of car, is to give margin for mistakes. The ideal is to make a list of what you think is important in a car and what is the maximum value that you intend to pay for it. In this way you are limiting the options to give priority to the one that actually interests you.

To get even closer, choose some models of your preference and give them focus. This way you will be able to improve the quality of your “market research”.

4. Never apply for a full vehicle loan

Today it is difficult, but it happens. Financing the full value of the vehicle is almost like shooting yourself in the foot. At the end of the financing you end up paying about 3 cars. The right thing is to have an initial fee of 30% or more. That reduces the financed value and your wallet will thank you.

5. Account for all the expenses you will have with the new or used car

The initial fee value is a cost, vehicle fees, monthly fuel expenses, annual vehicle tax, annual SOAT , maintenance, insurance and others. These expenses must be budgeted before buying your car. With this you can visualize whether or not the impact of buying the vehicle will harm your finances. In some cases it is more interesting to continue riding the bus and wait a little longer. In others, buying a car can help reduce other expenses.

6. Investigate, Investigate a lot

Do not enter the first dealership without first comparing. Do your research before buying and compare all the vehicle loans on the market . Don’t forget to look for a sale. You may not get a lower price but if a stereo or any other gift that is always welcome, don’t you think?

7. Have someone you trust to evaluate the car

It sounds silly, but the truth is that everyone thinks they know cars. That’s when the misconceptions and headaches come out. If you are buying a used car, have someone who can give you feedback on how the vehicle works. A trusted mechanic right now is a charm of tranquility and success. This helps prevent future headaches with emergency maintenance.

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