The Best Technique To Create The Ultimate Explainer Video


There are many types of animated videos and explainer videos are one of them. In this piece here we will be going through all the things we need to know regarding the creation of an animated explainer video. It has been observed that many business organizations and brands across the world are making use of animated explainer videos when they start their businesses, why do you think businesses need them? And what benefits they bring to a certain business organization?

Before we get started on the steps that can help to make an amazing animated explainer video, we should first have information about what an animated explainer video actually is. So, an animated explainer video is kind of like an introduction that your company provides about itself and its products or services through a short animated video. Now, as to why business organizations and brands are using them very frequently then according to one of the best animated explainer video companies in UK the creation and use of animated explainer videos has a direct impact on a brand’s conversion rates and it has been observed that using an animated explainer video can increase a brand’s conversion rates by more than 100%.

There are many other advantages of creating and using animated explainer videos such as the fact that these videos are a great tool for engaging the audience and is also a perfect way to create awareness as well.

Now, let’s move onto the creation of an animated explainer video and the steps you are required to take in order to create a flawless video.

Step # 1 – Create an engaging script: Whenever you are trying to make an animated explainer video or any other type of animated video the first step is always to create an engaging script. Now, your script should be written in such a way that it addresses all the concerns and issues of your target audience. You should understand that you need to provide your target audience with an introduction of your product or service. After that your script should focus on defining the problem that your audience is facing. After defining the problem you need to provide your audience with a solution which of course will be your product or service. And then you simply have to persuade and motivate your audience to take the desired action by asking them to sign up or subscribe.

Step # 2 – Storyboarding: This step requires you to organize your script in a kind of a comic. This will help you work on the different scenes of your animated video and how you will create the flow of your animated video.

Step # 3 – Animate: Choose the software that you are familiar with and have a grasp in using and use it to create the animation. You can hire a professional animator for this step as well but if you have access to a user friendly animation app or software then you can do this yourself as well.

Step # 4 – Background music and voice recording: Now, when your animation is ready you have to put sound in it. No explainer video is complete without good background music and a detailed description of the product which only comes with the narration provided in the video.

Step # 5 – Check your video before launching it: Your animated explainer video is ready for all purposes but it is highly recommended that you see your video and check it for any mistakes that you might have made before you put it up for your target audience to see.

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