How To Use A Writer’s Block To Your Advantage


Being passionate about writing can be one of the most creative habits that a person might have. Not only does this passion make you an educated person but it is also a great way to earn a very decent living as well. Knowing that you can use words and sentences that trigger the emotions and imagination of your readers and provide information, knowledge and entertainment to your readers is something that can make you, as a writer, feel like you are on the top of the world.

Getting appreciated for you work is one of the most amazing feelings in this world and when writing professionally you have to understand that this is a professional that you can and should only opt if you are passionate about writing because if you are not having fun while creating content then how can you even expect your readers to have a good time when they are reading your work. Now, you can either write your own books and become a professional author and take credit for all your work or you can be one of the many professional ghostwriters in the world who have a steady job and get to work on different projects from time to time. Either ways you can take care of your urge to write in these two ways.

Unfortunately, there are times when even professional writers having a great passion for their work can seem like people who might have a problem in writing. You know, there are days when you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed or when nothing seems to work out for you the way you want it to. There are times when even professional writers struggle to write and come up with creative content and this condition that they face is known as a writer’s block. This is a very common condition that almost every writer faces at least once in a life time and they find them-selves having trouble creating even the simplest sentences. It is like their ability to write just simply ceases to exist and the creative part of their brains is simply switched off. Many writers have had a very painful experience due to this troublesome phase in their lives but you know how they say that every cloud has a silver lining, this condition for a professional writer may also prove to be something that might be a blessing in disguise as well.

Writer’s Block, A Blessing In Disguise:

At the time when a writer is actually going down this painful downward spiral, things might seem quite hopeless and thinking that it is actually a blessing in disguise might be a very hard concept to understand. And it is understandable as well. Not everyone can take every barrier and problem in their lives and turn it around to make it into an opportunity for them-selves. But think about it this way, if you do manage to make this writer’s block an opportunity for yourself to grow as a writer and come out of it and be an even better writer than before then would it not have a positive influence on your whole professional life? Of course it would. So, rather than think of a writer’s block to be a burden, welcome it with open arms and learn to go through it like every other problem in life and make sure you learn how to be stronger and better in the future so that something like this never bothers you again.

Causes Of A Writer’s Block:

If you are passionate about your work and are facing a hard time doing the work you love then it is time to start think that what might be the cause of this situation or condition that you have found yourself in. Most of the times people find them-selves too distracted or too stressed about the issues going on in their lives that these issues start affecting their professional lives as well. Just like every other profession in this world and the problems that come with it, writing also has a writer’s block and fortunately for you there is a way that you can learn why it even starts in the first place as well and then you can simply manage your life in such a way that it never happens to you again and even if it does happen to you again then you can simply come out of it without any problems as well.

Stress: One of the main reasons why writers tend to lose their sense of creativity is due to stress. Stress management in the right ways can help you overcome most of the problems in your professional lives including a writer’s block.

Distractions: Sometimes your creativity simply doesn’t switch on because you are way too distracted with so many other things that might be going on around you. You need to make sure to get rid of all the distractions before you try and be creative. The root of all distractions nowadays for writers is a smartphone. Stay alone, let your mind breathe and think in peace and you will see how big of a difference it makes.

Lack Of Physical Exercise: A healthy body gives you a healthy mind. Remembering this can help you keep the components of your brain working in the most amazing ways and you can easily say goodbye to a problem like a writer’s block.


Knowing how to manage yourself in the best possible way can not only help you with a writer’s block but can also help you live your life to the fullest. Managing your stress and exercising are two things that work in your favor in every aspect of your life. So, make the best out of this writer’s block and make your life better than before.

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