Wall Decor Ideas to Rule 2020


Decorating your home is an art and walls are an important aspect of your home. Decoration of the walls can add life to your beautiful home if done in the right way. Walls are an important structure that needs love and garnishing as well and the magic it will create in turn is unfathomable. In case you think that it’s an expensive affair then it is not at all true. Trust me! Walls have a huge area where you can bring your creative side to reality and whatever you will do, will add life to these lifeless parts. You can easily grab the wall decor online to embellish your home if you are not interested in going out in this pandemic and explore the market. You will get a plethora of options from where you can buy these items. Let’s look at some of the most creative ideas that are going to rule this 2020.

  1. Clock wall décor ideas

Clocks are inevitable when it comes to a house. Apart from keeping you on track, they are also the most preferred home décor to complete your wall. You can always go for bright coloured clocks that are stylish to add to your innovativeness. The frameless wall clock is the ones that are leading the race as they can fit themselves anywhere and the most popular is the Vangold Frameless clock whose diameter can be adjusted as per your choice. You can also supplement the look by adding paintings, frames or any other thing that will go perfectly with them.

  1. Canvas

Though canvas wall art is not a novel idea you can make it yours by tickling your creative side and go for something that is uncommon. You can use canvas wall art anywhere. Be it any part of your home, office, or restaurant. It will add to the beauty for sure. These are light weighted and can be carried easily anywhere and can be a part of your next gifting idea. If you want to add elegance and vogue both to your home then there is nothing better than this. Place it in your kitchen, bathroom, study, or anywhere that place will reflect our style.

  1. Wall shelves

Wall shelves are the next big thing that can add oomph to your walls. This is a rare combination of utility and style. You can organize things, add decorative pots or plants to them or just hang them the way they are. All good to go! These shelves can create magic to your space and you will love them for organizing your stuff so well. Make use of any space that is easy to reach and that seems unused and add a little drama to it. These sturdy and fashionable shelves can solve your purpose of giving the walls a look you desire. You just need to go for home decor online shopping and buy the one that grabs your attention and you are done!

  1. Collage of images and gallery wall

This one is surely going to be closest to your eyes and will keep your memories afloat in front of your eyes each time you pass by it. Yes, A collage of the best of your family and friend’s pictures! This can never become old but can grow old with you; so you need to look for frames that are sturdy, polished and with shatter-resistant glass so that it can add to the beauty of the pictures and can hold them for a longer period. It not only about pictures you can pick another wall of our house and add a collage of your paintings or other art forms. The only thing you should keep in mind is that the collage should be a collection of odd numbers and should not be less than five to bring the desired effect.

  1. 3D panel wall decors

The 3D panel wall decors can enliven the room and can be best at hiding any marks or wear and tear on the wall. As they are big and take a lot of space so they are generally preferred in large rooms but do not try to cover the whole wall with it. It will do the needful if it is used at places where it can catch the attention of the people visiting your abode or behind the TV, on ceilings, of the living room, bedrooms or halls. To add to its effect you can also highlight them with spotlights that will enhance its look. Just go for patterned or bright-coloured panels and you are good to go.

  1. Mirrors

Mirror wall decors are undisputedly the best in line of the ideas to decorate your room. These can beautify your room and at the same time give an illusion of a bigger space. They are perfect to go with any room as it is sure to grab eyeballs. While buying them, just make sure that either they have the metallic or wooden frames to make them last long and moreover, they look good too.

These ideas are sure to help you out without creating a hole in your pocket. You can also try and make some of them at home according to your conceptualization. Just do it your way and let your walls make the noise.

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