How Can We Solve the Road Accident Problem?

Safe roads are the foundation of the traffic safety, an accident is an unexpected injury mainly caused by the carelessness of the driver or by the huge load of traffic present on the road traffic accident management. These major road accidents are incidental and unplanned which are caused by the transfer of unusual energy between the person and the environment. Due to the carelessness and violation of the traffic rules a minimum of one road vehicle accident daily takes place which has led to an increase of the loss in potential income and these accidents also impose a huge socio economic effect due to the untimely deaths making this issue one of the greatest concerns of national concern. The main objective of this study is to prescribe some counter measures in order to avoid the alarming increasing rates of the road accidents so that road safety can be ensured by following some major traffic rules.


Road accidents rarely kill about 400 people daily India which is even more than the double amount at which people are killed due to terrorism. The rate of road accidents is alarmingly increasing day by day, over speeding and carelessness is found to be the major cause of the leading road accidents. The variability of speed and the risk of pedestrians getting injured are very closely related, whenever the speed of our car is below 50 there is about 25 percent chance for the pedestrians to fall prey to any of the accidents similarly if the speed limit reaches to 90 kilometers the chance of road accidents for pedestrians again increases to about 90 percent at any time. Speeding is typically the most important factor in controlling the increasing rates of road accidents.

Following are the steps that can be adopted to solve the above stated problems.

Classifying roads and setting speed limits:

The problem of leading road accidents can easily be minimized by classifying the roads and assigning the specific speed limits for every type of motor vehicle, while travelling on highway we often see that lanes are assigned for every type of vehicle whether it’s a truck car or bicycle and specific speed limits are assigned depending on the weights of the vehicles. Such a classification provides a safer path for pedestrians, enables us to take account of the land use and the location of crashing sites.

Improving visibility of Road users:

Seeing and being seen are the fundamental factors of road safety for all the road users. There are many ways to ensure your visibility on road at day and night times, this can specifically be done by using bright lights in front of the motor vehicles which help in seeing clearly and also intimates the other vehicle to maintain a suitable distance from our car in order to avoid any crashing.

Promoting Cash-Protective Vehicle design:

Crash protecting features provide great levels of injury protection for all the drivers after an accident. It includes padded instrument panels, laminated windscreens fastened to ca to prevent ejection, door locks that prevents the door from opening during a car crash, head rests are also a great way to ensure protection and should be installed in both front and back sides. If some of these measures are properly taken then car has to absorb the impacts of the crash instead of the car driver

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