The Need for Counselling, Depression and Anxiety is Very Critical

Various occurrences in life bring stress like loss of friendships, family members broken marriage, moving to a new place of job or relocation, exams, or career.

Stress and anxiety have similar symptoms that include a change in sleep pattern and appetite loss, fatigue, body pains, irritation, poor concentration. Stress is usually temporary while Anxiety can be long-lasting.

Anxiety is constant and persistent. You could find yourself experiencing anxiety in situations where you feel tensed like an interview or stage performance. Many times you may be able to overcome anxiety but when it impacts your relationships, work and day to day life then you must seek professional help.

The approach of the therapy

  • Your counsellor initially tries to build a rapport with you and give you a safe atmosphere where you will not be judged.
  • The counsellor then tries to understand the symptoms to understand whether you are experiencing stress or anxiety.  By asking questions they will identify the triggers that land you in these conditions.
  • Anxiety and stress both impact concentration and could land you in a difficult situation. At times it becomes too difficult to focus on the work. Your counsellor could help you with increasing your motivation and helping you in reaching your goals.
  • After a few sessions you may find changes where you would be able to identify what triggers your stress and anxiety, feel relaxed and able to get away with unproductive thoughts.
  • Many times stress and anxiety bring with it other issues like lack of self-confidence, self-doubt, poor decision-making, etc. The counsellor helps you with these concerns with the passing of time. This can be done bringing changes in routine like improving sleep routine, exercise routine and bring about a holistic change.
  • With 10-12 sessions you can see long-lasting changes.

Symptoms and Situations that need to be addressed by a counsellor or a therapist

Depression & Tension

When we go through some discomforting situation we feel tension or stress that is a natural occurrence. Online stress counselling or a face to face counselling can help us in keeping away negative thoughts.  Distress can have bad impact on lives and make it difficult for us to cope up with various situations.


Anxiety is the cycle of worries that we go through that is beyond our control.  Our anxiety is more intense and can hamper work relationships etc. Adopting a more positive attitude can improve the quality of our life and counselling can help you a lot to overcome it. If you cannot go to the counsellor then you can also opt for online counseling for anxiety.

Trauma & PTSD

Trauma is an experience that induces distress and thus, it is important to understand your situation, in order to deal with it effectively. To understand the whole scenario it is important to seek the help of a counsellor or a therapist.

LGBTQ and Mental Health

Belonging to the LGBTQ community doesn’t mean that you don’t fit in the social norms but it may be a possibility that but as soon as you realize it, all of a sudden it may seem that you don’t fit the box. You try talking to your near and dear ones and may not get a positive response but in this case, you may seek the help of counselling. Social anxiety is very common and facing our fear can help us significantly.

Peer Pressure

Direct influence on people by peers or friends make them follow their attitudes, values, or behaviours and change themselves and if you do not fit in the norms you tend to feel out of place. Peer pressure is another cause of stress and lands you in a situation you did not expect.

Chasing Happiness

Everyone wants to be happy but with the ongoing scenario and the pressure to fit in the fast-paced world may make it difficult to be truly content. Happiness depends on our attitude and perspective sometimes if the biggest of things may make us feel uncontended. Rather falling in the trap of distress and feel depress it is always good to seek a therapist help.


Addiction is a particular habit that we cannot leave as it can make us uncomfortable. We get dependent on it as it makes us feel good but any addiction can become the context of worry if it continues to overpower us and has an emotional and psychological base to it. Better to have a solution for it before it is too late.

Financial Stress

Financial stress affects our whole life cycle and put a lot of stress on us. It may deprive us of our sleep, cause us anxiety and may give birth to a variety of undesirable emotions. The uncertainty of the future keeps us under stress and leads to a lot of disturbances.  With a healthy mind and a wallet full of money can lead to a happy and stressful life.

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