Gifts Ideas For Your Kid Brother


Not many in the world have a kid brother, and those who have are the luckiest. On average, there is a gap of 5 to 6 years at max between the siblings. But there are some who are in the final years of teenage and their brother(s) has still not attained a teenage.


If you are one of those and want to make your kid brother smile, then we have some amazing gift ideas for you. You can present the gifts that we are sharing here on his birthday or any random day as the gifts will surely inject a dose of happiness in your brother’s life.

Basket Of His Favourite Cookies

Kids love cookies, and they love to have their mouths filled with them anytime. So, arrange a basket full of your brother’s favourite cookies. But keep an eye on him so that he doesn’t consume more than sufficient in a single day. You can also add some newly launched cookies to the basket.

A Toy Of His Favourite Superhero 

Who didn’t have a favourite superhero in childhood? You also had one, right? Know which superhero is your brother’s favourite superhero and present him a toy of that superhero. Moveable and battery-operated toys sound more fun! You can also gift more than one toy if your budget allows you!

Cartoon Cake

There must be a favourite cartoon character or show that your kid brother can binge-watch. And we bet you know which cartoon is his favourite. Surprise him with a cartoon cake. This gift will do best when presented on a birthday. To make it more surprising, order the cake via online cake delivery in Gurgaon or wherever you live with your brother and let him receive the cake from the delivery partner.

Personalised Wall Clock

Get a personalised wall clock with a lovely picture of your and brother and let your kid brother feel how much you love him. Place the wall in his bedroom so that he can smile every time he looks up to check the time.

A Box Full Of Kinder Joy

Kinder Joy, the most loved name between the kids right now! By combining chocolate, a surprise and a toy, a fun and entertaining world for children were created, while at the same time, delivering parents/guardians a reassuring and emotional experience. Make him smile by lauding him with a box full of Kinder Joy!

A Children’s Account In Your Netflix Subscription

Well, children, these days are much quicker in learning new things than before. And so they learn to use smartphones by watching their elders doing the same. So, if your kid brother also gets stubborn sometimes to use your smartphone, then it is better to have a specific children account in your Netflix subscription. There are many educational cartoons and movies available for children who will improve his learning, listening skills and expose him to the knowledge out of the books. You can also track what he sees!

Get Him Enrolled In A Sports Coaching Institute

When we were in our childhood, parents thought that study is the only way to have a profound and secure future. But the time has changed, and many are making it big in fields other than studies. If you think that your kid brother is good at any sport like football, basketball or cricket then get him enrolled in a professional coaching institute. It will give dimension to his future, and he will always be on top of his fitness. Don’t hesitate to convince your parents for the same

That’s all folks!


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