Can You Bring A Vape On A Plane? Travelling With Your E-Cigarettes

A lot of people fly every day for work, study, or travel purpose. People who have just switched to vaping may find a hard time getting proper information about vaping in a plane. Before you know whether you can vape in a plane or not, you need proper guideline about bringing one with you. Bringing your vape on a plane is a bit more complicated than vaping in your car. This article carries all the information you need while travelling with your e-cigarettes.

Are Vapes Allowed On A Plane?

According to the latest FDA rules, your vaping gear must be packed in your carry-bags and not otherwise. This is almost good news for vapers. However, this is only about where to keep the vape. The only reason why vapes are not allowed in your luggage is the risk of leakage or blast in the luggage compartment due to the lithium batteries. Once you are boarding your flight and going through the security checks, you enter a no-smoking area. This applies to vape smoking as well. You can go to the airport’s best vape shop in the UK where you can buy and vape for a while. We have compiled a list of things you can bring on-board.

Things You Can Bring

Following are the vape gear you can bring on a plane. However, you must abide by the regulations about bringing the right amount of everything. Let us have a look:


Vape juices can be carried in your carry luggage bags in a limited amount. The e-liquid should not be more than100ml.


If the lithium batteries of your vape are under 100watts, you can keep them in the check-in bag. Batteries less than 100watts need to be carried in hand-carry luggage.

Vape Box Mods

Vape mods can be carried along with you as long as they are not in the checked-in bags. Keep the mod in your carry-bag.

Passing Through Checkpoints

Now, that you have enough information about what vaping gears you can take with you on a plane, let us move to how you can pass through the security checkpoints without any hassle.

1) The vaping liquid must not exceed 100ml. It is better to buy small 30ml e-liquid bottles and keep them in separate pockets of your hand-carry. Place the plastic bottles in a zip bag just like you pack your lotions and shampoos so that the detector will not detect any difference.

2) If you are carrying your laptop bag along with you, pack the charger and batteries of the vape inside the bag. You can also pack the batteries along with any other electronic item going through the check-in.

3) If you use an electronic vaping device, disconnect the vaporizer as soon as you are passing through the checkpoint. Otherwise, the alarm will beep, and you will have to and it over to the officer.

4) Another important tip to be on the safe side is to keep all your vaping gear in an envelope. Write down your address on it. In case your gear is seized by the airport authority, they can mail it back to your home.

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