Shopping and Travel Tips for London

London is a huge city that you cannot visit in a day or two. You must be overwhelmed b the idea of visiting London. However, planning your trips is also important. When you are prepared for your trip, you get to enjoy more than expected. You need to sort out the places you will visit, what you will shop, and how long are you staying there. These things can manage your time and you can enjoy the real pleasure of roaming around the streets of London. This article is to help new travellers with all the travelling and shopping trips to London. Read through it and make the most of your vacations/

Travelling Tips

Following are some of the major travelling tips that will help you manage well without emptying your pockets.

Stay in Central London

If you are booking PIA flights from Islamabad to Manchester today, you can easily get the first flight for London from there. As soon as you reach the city, you must have an idea where you are staying. This is only when you couldn’t get early bookings. Otherwise, it is always better to pre-book everything. Make sure you stay in central London, especially if this is your first visit to London. The first reason for this is that accommodation is comparatively cheaper. Another great reason is that you can easily travel wherever you want because being at the centre of the city equals the distance for every other place.

Visit Only the Landmarks and Free Attractions

Another important tip is to understand that you cannot visit the whole city on the 3-4 day stay in London. Mark the important landmarks and visit them one by one. If you try to visit everything, you will end up spending nights on the streets, tired and frustrated. The most important places to visit in London are the British Museum, Tower of London, London Eye, Thames River, and the National Gallery.

Everything that comes for free, brings in more happiness. Other than these major landmarks, visit every attraction that allows you free entry such as shops, museums, zoos, gardens, public parks, and ride parks (some have entry tickets).

Shopping Tips—Where To Visit

After describing the crucial steps for travelling in London, let us give you some important information about making your shopping ventures delightful and memorable.

Covent Garden

If you are looking for a glam shopping area that is packed with both luxurious and affordable labels, then visiting the Covent Garden will be satisfying. A lot of tourists include this scenic shopping area as a must-visit place in London. The whole market is covered with a pretty green glass shade that makes it look more appealing. You will see expensive brands like Tom Ford as well as minor labels like Miller Harris.

Oxford Street

The reason why Oxford Street is the busiest, most popular and attractive shopping places to visit is that you find a massive range of brands and stores. From Adidas, Nike, and Zara to Mark & Spencer, this street covers a variety of shopping options for every class.

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