5 Reasons to Consider Performing Umrah This Winter

Recently Saudi government announced that they will not allow pilgrims to enter Saudi Arabia because of the ongoing pandemic Covid-19, they refused to enter any pilgrims into their country because any one of them would be carrying a virus among their bodies which can be further transferred to other pilgrims. The government only allowed those pilgrims who were residents in Saudi Arabia and they were properly checked that they were not carrying any diseases. All the rituals of hajj and umrah were temporarily banned because of the pandemic for all the outsiders except for the residents but they were also advised to perform all their duties with social distancing and through minimal physical contact

Travel Advice:

  1. You have to be fit and healthy to perform Hajj and Umrah, pilgrimage is not at all an easy task and it requires hard work, in which you have to walk for a few miles every day which can be tiring for your body so to remain fit and healthy you must practice some jogging and walking beforehand for at least four to six weeks so that you can be in practice and may not face any difficulty while performing the basic rituals of Hajj and Umrah.
  2. Older people require more care as compared to the young aged people because they have reached a specific time in their life where they may carry some age-related diseases along with the factor of restlessness and fatigue, before departing for your destination you should visit your doctor for a normal check-up so that the doctors may prescribe proper medication that can help you during your whole journey.
  3. If you are a female and you are willing to go for umrah or hajj you can discuss your whole situation with your doctor so that she could prescribe you some medication that can help you in delaying your menses so that you can perform all your rituals easily and without any disturbance.

Reasons for Performing Umrah this Winter:

Performing umrah or hajj is a spiritual activity for all the Muslims and some of us can’t even explain the reason why we should perform umrah and for all the Muslims at any time of the season, it is one of the greatest opportunities to visit the house of Allah and perform our religious obligations.

There are some of the reasons why we should consider performing umrah this winter season.

  1. As we know there is a pandemic going on in the whole world and we all Muslims need to revisit our faith by going over there so we could become relaxed and get rid of our sorrows.
  2. As it is an offseason so we would be able to fulfill every religious obligation in a much better way when there would be fewer people around us and we would also be protected from the disease that is going on in the whole world through social distancing.
  3. Nowadays the flights have also started taking passengers so we may not find any difficulty booking our tickets for different cheap Umrah packages in the UK.
  4. The packages would also be available at much cheaper rates and even the travel agents would compensate a lot of amounts because there like every other business their business was also stopped due to the pandemic outbreak in the whole world.Currently, the Saudi government has also banned outsiders but until this December this restriction would be taken off and it would be very easy for us to travel and fulfill our religious obligations.

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