Tips to install High bay lights

High Bay

High bay lights are popularly used in large areas such as commercial and industrial spaces such as warehouses, gymnasiums, community centres, docks, aircraft hangars etc. In such places, professional assistance is required as the installation process is not as simple as installing a led tube in your home or office space. So as per your product the installation should be carried out under professional assistance while one can have a know how of the light equipment and guide the technician beforehand about how and where the fixture should be installed.

Important Tips bput Led high bay:

There are certain things to keep note of such as:

  • Placement of the fixture
  • Type of fixture

You can take full advantage of high bay light if you know your options. For example, different types of high bay fixtures are available in the market such as Metal halide, fluorescent, incandescent and  led high bay lights.  All of them have specific functions.

Metal halide high bay lights are a powerful and bright light source but they generate a lot of heat and are not very efficient.

Fluorescent fixtures require a lot of maintenance and are expensive in the long run.

Whereas LED high bay lights are the best option available when it comes to maintenance cost,ambience and overall improved lighting infrastructure for your space.

LED high bay light fixtures come with a hanging ring, bolt and lamp body with a power input connection. The ring helps the light to be suspended on the hook which is fixed into the ceiling. In order to make the most out of this fixture you can choose your preferred location and customise the accessories which help in setting up the ambience of your space and make it appear illuminated, thus comfortable and safer for the personnel working in the area.

There are certain precautions to take into account before buying and installing these fixtures.

Before installation you should cross check whether the wiring of your space is compatible with the kind of lamp/fixture you are opting for. E.g look out for voltage rating, wiring manual and follow the guide provided with your fixture.

Make sure you have the manual for driver connection and all the important parts sorted. First connect the light fixture  with the wires and then with the main  power source following the instructions.

The Installation steps are as follows:

Turn off the main power source.

Mount the hook to the ceiling. Make sure the hooks are able to carry larger weight.

Secure the hanging ring with the lamp body and make sure it is not loose or else it will fall and cause damage.

Now hang the light on the hook which is fixed with the ceiling.

Connect the live and neutral wires with your power supply. Check for additional wires and make sure each of them are properly connected as LED lamps are mostly dimmable so they have an extra wire for that which should be connected to the DC port.

Once set, switch on the main power supply to check if the lamp is working properly. There won’t be a problem if the wires are connected properly and voltage supply is adequate.

Lastly, make sure the installation is carried out by a certified professional and all the precautionary measures are taken into consideration.

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