Security Awareness and Risk Assessment for Schools

The responsibility of schools does not come up only in the form of giving education and producing good citizens. The security and protection of children also come under the umbrella of school liability. Schools are the institution in which the maximum of a child’s time is spent. The hours spent in school time is far more important in terms of a child’s overall progress. As the number of children in school varies, one thing is common that all the schools have a fair number of students which are a little hard to manage manually. To give the proper security and sense of relaxation to the parents and children security awareness and risk assessment for schools are very important.  The following are the key factors that can play a positive role in risk management and enhancing of security in schools.

Commercial Fire Alarm Systems

Installing a fire alarm system is essential in the premises of the school area. As there are a number of students in the school and age groups also vary it is important to install a fire alarm system that can warn about the potential threat of fire. The reason of catching fire by school building also varies to the situation. There might be some fire due to a short circuit or some mishandlings in the kitchen side area. To avoid any mishap it is suggested to install commercial fire alarm systems that can prove to be a lifesaver.

CCTV Cameras

Whether to keep the school safe from any criminal activities or to keep an eye on children’s activity it is important to install a CCTV camera. The CCTV cameras in the modern age are considered a highly important gadget for safety assessment. In order to give the maximum security, the installation of CCTV cameras at entrance areas and somewhere in the playground is highly recommended.

Visitor’s Card

In order to give a safe environment to the children, there should be identity cards of every students and visitors should also be given the visitor card as per the amount of time which they want to spend in the school area. The comprehensive record of such a record can help in to trace the individual if he or she is found guilty for any abnormal activity. The issuance of the visitor card also comes up with the psychological pressure for the person who intends to do any unusual act as the concerned authorities keep the record of the cardholder.

The proper assessment of school security is highly important for the sake of the child’s protection and also for the protection of the staff. The schools are the home for the coming generation. Any mishandled incident within the premises of school lays a great impact on the psychological health of the child. Even in some cases, these incidents come out in the form of trauma. To keep the mental life of children safe and giving a sense of relaxation to the parents, it is important to bridge the schools with up to date security system and risk management team.

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