The Impact and Benefits of Digital Course Materials

No matter which year of school, university or major they are in, most students agree that purchasing textbooks is one of the more difficult and frustrating experiences in high school and university. Luckily, there are online high school learning and digital course materials available to make buying materials for your classes less of an obstacle. Here are some of the obstacles with purchasing physical textbooks and the impact and benefits of being able to buy digital course materials instead:

  • Acquiring physical textbooks is very difficult: One of the biggest complaints that students have about buying textbooks and other course materials is the difficulty of the actual processes of acquiring them. Students need to visit the bookstore at the beginning of each term or semester, which can be chaotic with lots of crowds and lines. And the only way to avoid visiting the bookstore is to order books online, but there is often a long waiting period and sometimes, students don’t receive their books in time for the first couple of projects or homework assignments. Having to organize and undergo the process of purchasing physical textbooks is tedious and frustrating.
  • Textbooks and supplies are often staggeringly expensive: A year’s worth of textbooks and supplies for the average student is a whopping $1,250. And some of these books don’t even end up being used during the course of the year and semester. That’s why it’s important for colleges and high schools to offer flexible and cost-effective alternatives to physical textbooks, like digital course materials. For many students, digital course materials are used more often in courses and help students keep up with their coursework on their own time, while physical textbooks tend to go untouched. And digital course materials tend to be more affordable and less expensive than physical textbooks and materials, often saving students hundreds of dollars per year.
  • Digital course materials are more convenient: There are a number of benefits to using digital course materials. For example, when you purchase your digital course materials, you get them right away and can start studying immediately, rather than wasting time waiting for your materials in the mail. And if you are trying to look for something in your textbook, you can search with your keyboard rather than manually looking through the textbook. And most digital textbooks have extra online study materials included, such as practice tests and flashcards, so students have additional ways to study, which often end up having a huge positive impact on students’ grades.
  • Digital course materials are flexible: Digital course materials can also assist students by enabling them to learn when, where, and how they want to, especially during the age of COVID-19. Many students find that the access that digital course materials give them contribute more to their success than attending lectures does. Digital materials are convenient and allow students to save time and study anywhere. Many students who have used digital course materials prefer to take classes that use digital materials rather than textbooks moving forward.


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