Essential iPhone 6 Plus Parts to Protect and Improve Your Phone


While there are also a number of fun things to do on your iPhone, general help getting through daily tasks is paramount. Unfortunately, damage is almost inevitable for any possession. We all know that the cost of professional smartphone repair can be exorbitant and sometimes cost you more than what you had originally paid for the phone. Don’t worry, there is a better way to repair your phone and restore it to maximum performance. At Maya Cellular Parts you can find essential iPhone 6 Plus spare parts to meet your repair and maintenance needs. Read on for a list of some of the most important iPhone parts that you can find on Maya Cellular Parts!

NuGlas tempered glass screen protectors for iPhone 6 Plus
It is so easy and so common to scratch or at least dirty the screens on our phones. NuGlas screen protectors include an advanced silicone adhesion chemical that makes it easy to apply, as well as a four-level layering that is scratch-free, oleophobic, heat-resistant and uses electrostatic adhesion. Make a small and simple investment by purchasing these screen protectors to protect your phone screen from unnecessary damage or dirt.

LCD screen mount with full digitizer for iPhone 6 Plus
If your iPhone screen is damaged without repair, you will want to purchase Full Digitizer LCD Screen Mount for iPhone 6 Plus. This package is preferred and recommended by repair professionals and it saves you a significant amount of money and helps bring the phone’s hardware back to life. This screen replacement package is available in several colors, including white.

OEM replacement battery for iPhone 6 Plus
Investing in a replacement battery is a must. Sometimes it can seem like our phones are constantly running out of battery. If you experience severe battery charging most of the time, it may be time to buy a new battery. Maya Cellular Parts OEM replacement battery is affordable and comes with an 8-part toolkit for easy installation and maintenance. This battery is protected by a six-month warranty and typically ships within one to two business days.

Battery strips for iPhone 6 Plus
If you have battery issues, consider these handy battery adhesive tapes for iPhone 6 Plus. These strips help secure your battery to the back of your phone and ensure that your battery does not come loose. They keep the battery in order. This product is guaranteed and usually ships within one to two business days.

Lightning jack and headphone jack for iPhone 6 Plus
If you have problems with charging and connection, this product is for you! If your phone does not charge or connect to your computer or is not recognized, updating this device may help. Replacing this part can restore the charging and microphone function and allow your computer or other accessory to recognize your phone via a USB connection. This product is delivered new in a day or two and is protected by the warranty.

There is a lot to discover. With the incredible selection offered by this site, you can easily replace the essential parts of your iPhone 6 Plus without spending a lot of money. Maya Cellular Parts makes it easy and affordable to maintain, update and / or repair your phone like a professional. Everything sold on the website is brand new and covered by a warranty.

For all that your phone does for you, and for all the time and investment you put into owning an expensive smartphone, you deserve the ultimate investment. You deserve high performance for your carefully considered decision. Be sure to check out all the ways that Maya Cellular parts and professionals can help you restore your phone to optimal performance.

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